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How to Protect Your DLSR Camera In Wet Conditions or Even Underwater

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How to Protect Your DLSR Camera In Wet Conditions or Even Underwater


Recently, I found a glitch in my plans for my newest hobby - kayaking Sarasota Bay and taking high-quality photos of the birds, Dolphin, Manatee, and beautiful sights on the Bay, That glitch is that kayaking is a potentially VERY wet, salty, sandy sport and my DSLR camera shouldn't get wet, salty, or sandy! On my sit-on-top kayak, the logical place (and really, only place) to keep my camera as I paddle between shots is in my lap. BUT, my lap is guaranteed to get wet from the motion of my paddle. Plus there's always the possibility of flipping my kayak over, getting everything on board dunked in salt water.

So I worried - was my kayak a waste of money or will I have to invest more money in a waterproof DSLR? The answer: Nope! I found what I hope is the perfect solution for less than $60. I'm sharing my solution here because I'm guessing some of you might like to find a great solution for taking pictures with your expensive cameras in wet conditions, too.

With a little online research, I came across a "dry bag" for DSLR cameras with telephoto lenses (pictured here). I've also shared the link to the site where I purchased mine below. It's available on other sites, as well. What impressed me about this particular bag over others I found was the following:

* It has a hard, UV-coated, polycarbonate lens that your camera's lens "looks through" thereby providing clear, sharp pictures.
* It has finger pockets that provide access to all your camera's functionality.
* It allows use of a telephoto lens.
* It has a neck lanyard to keep your camera protected from falling.
* As a bonus, it also allows use underwater up to 33'.
* "Pro" version bags can cost well over $1,000 as compared to about $60 for this one.

I asked around on some of the online kayaking forums I've joined and found others who have used this product - some for years - and all gave it high marks for both picture quality and camera/lens protection.

Mine is expected to arrive today, so I'll test it out over the next couple of weeks and let you know if I'm as impressed with it as I hope I'll be.

Here's the link to the site where I bought mine:

Hope you found this helpful. If you've found other solutions for protecting your DSLR in wet conditions, drop me an email and we can compare notes!

Have a great rest of the summer,

Susan Molnar Fine Art Photography